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Privacy of Information!

Information Relating to Living Persons
Please know that when you contribute content, including a family tree, to, we run your content through a program that attempts to identify any living persons listed therein and take appropriate steps to exclude data for living individuals for public display on our web site. We use commercially reasonable efforts to make certain that personal information (but not headings or labels that you use to identify such personal information) relating to such identified persons "private" by blocking other users from viewing such information in search results or otherwise.

In certain other contexts and in all cases (for example, if someone has sent us an email and requested for their information to be posted in our Earliest Known Howards listing) we take due caution to manually screen requests for living persons and remove all data from public viewing as described above.

Also, please know that in our individual email correspondence with visitors to our web site, we respect EVERYONE'S privacy and DO NOT under any circumstances forward, courtesy copy or otherwise divulge the content of such emails to anyone other than the ORIGINATOR of that email.

We require that all individuals participating in our research acknowledge and agree to the Privacy of Information Policy as stated on this web page and that the originator of ALL information represent and warrant that they have obtained all appropriate permissions to post information relating to any living person or from other sources, including, where necessary, express consent from such person, to provide such information to and to allow us to use such information in accordance with this Privacy of Information Policy.

If you have questions about this policy, or have concerns and need clarification, please contact us by clicking here...


Please support us and help us to
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