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Howard Projects!

From time to time we are asked to participate in projects related to the "Howard" surname in one form or another. Somewhere in this listing you just may find the answer to something of interest to you. We also enjoy working with you, your family and your children, so, please let us know if we can assist you in any way. Also, we invite your responses... Upon satisfactory completion, a Project Report will be prepared and posted on our website.
PROJECT 1. Are there any pictures of warriors in battle that symbolize the Howard surname? Submitted by Lewis in the UK. Tuesday, November 27, 2012
STATUS: Under consideration

PROJECT 2. What role did Cotton play in the Civil War?


Submitted by Alex, Social Studies Volunteer Tutor at a Community College. Alex writes, "One of my groups has a paper coming up on the Civil War, and they are to look up different aspects of the war from the basics to battle clothing to the economy and so on. The students were researching yesterday and one student found your site, and found it very helpful! Thank you for making such a great resource, they really got a lot out of it. Another student found the article, 'From Cotton to T-Shirts: The Role of Cotton in the Civil War', which would fit perfect on your page! Would you mind adding it if it isn't too much trouble? It would be the extra motivation these kids need, and they would see their work is paying off, and being recognized. Anyways, thank you for making such a great resource, and I hope you like the article and decide to include it on your site.

STATUS: In Progress
Here are some great links for this Project:

Abraham Lincoln's Classroom
The Role of Cotton in the Civil War



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