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Let's start with some
interesting facts about Howards.

Howard Family Facts!

Origin and meanings of the Howard Surname...

The origin of the Howard name is English and the Coat of Arms contains “Red with a silver stripe between six silver crosses.” The Crest is “A lion on a chapeau.” The family motto is “Sola virtus invicta” (see our logo - top left of the page).

Surnames as we know them today were first assumed in Europe from the 11th to the 15th centuries. They were not in use in England and Scotland before the Norman conquest of 1066, and were first found in the Domesday book. The use of a second name, a custom introduced by the Normans (who themselves had adopted it not long before) became in course of time a mark of gentle blood, and it was deemed a disgrace for a gentleman to have but one single name as meaner people had. It was not until the reign of Edward II (1307 - 1327) that the practice became general amongst all people in England.

These names were adopted according to fairly general principles and can generally be divided into four classifications:

  • Local names are taken from place of origin. (e.g. Hill).
  • Occupational names denote the trade or profession of early users. (e.g. Miller).
  • Nicknames describe mental or physical characteristics, clothes etc. (e.g. Strong).
  • Patronymic names used a father's first name as the last name of his son. (e.g. John).
  • HOWARD is an English patronymic name from the Norman given name HUARD and HEWARD, which came from the elements:
    • hug = heart, mind + hard = hardy, brave.
      and from an Old Norse name HAWARD, from elements
      ha = high + varπr = guardian.
    • HEWARD, HEWART, HUART are variations of the Norman form.
    • HAWARD is a variation of the Norse.
    • English/Norman patronymic versions include HEWARTSON, HEWERTSON, HUARTSON and  HUERTSON.
    • HAYWARD is an English occupational name that described the man who protected the enclosed forest or other land from damage by vandals, poachers, or animals. It comes from Old English:
      • hay = enclosure + ward = guardian.
        HEYWARD and HAWARD are variations.
      • Some other variations are HAYWORD and HEYWORD...
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Howard Family Distribution (watch them spread):
Howard Family Distribution

To find out more about the origin of the Howard surname click here.


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